5 Occasions Where You’ll Need a Professional Quality Video for Your Business

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When working on a tight budget, you have to wonder what’s worth additional investment and where you can cut back a little on what you spend. Videos that represent your company are never an area where you should skimp. In the digital age, people consume more media than ever, and they can spot a shoddy amateur video a mile away. There are many occasions when a professional business video will help a company shine, so make room in your budget.

video 300x228 5 Occasions Where You’ll Need a Professional Quality Video for Your Business

A TV Commercial

A television commercial aired during a program’s break has typically about 30 seconds to entertain an audience, grab their attention and introduce your brand, product or service. Your TV commercial will air in the middle of professionally-produced national commercials, even if you intend to charm only your local market. Hire an award-winning video production team to create your TV commercial so that it stands out in a good way and not because it has poor production values in comparison to the other commercials.

An Online Advertisement

In the digital age, a number of businesses are skipping the TV commercial in lieu of the online ad — or are producing both. Online advertisements are typically less expensive when it comes to paying for your video to be shown along with a video stream or on a website than during a TV broadcast, but don’t mistake that to mean you can spend less on the video itself. Consumers are online now more than ever, and they’re discerning enough to tell quality videos from cheap ones. You should treat your online video with as much if not more care than a TV commercial.

An Explanation or Overview

On the company website and on your company’s social media profiles, provide an explanation of services or an overview of products in video form. A video is much more accessible than a huge block of text, and if you get the video professionally made, you’ll succeed at conveying what your business is all about in a brief, easy-to-digest format. You can use this video both for current customers and potential customers, but also for investors, business partners and industry colleagues when making presentations and attending conventions and events.

A Tour Video

Make your business seem more accessible with a “tour of the company” and/or “meet the employees” video to be posted on your website and company social media profiles. This is especially effective in small businesses that emphasize personal service and want to give customers, colleagues and investors a behind-the-scenes look at the friendly team that works to provide your company’s products or services.

The better quality your video, the better its potential to become a viral video — one your customers share with friends and family that goes on to garner more attention from potential customers. You don’t want your video to go viral because of poor production values. Instead of getting new customers, you’ll just turn off people who share it to laugh at it.

A How-To Video

Curry favor with customers while also selling your product or service with a “how to use a product” or “how to get a service” video. If professionally done, the video will show both current and potential customers how easy it is to use your product or get a service from your company. When things seem as easy as one-two-three, people are more likely to see the value in paying for the item or service. They’ll also appreciate the easily accessible demonstration of how to work your product or service.

Entrepreneur suggests that when considering the investment in the professional video, you have to look at the money spent as an investment that will produce results for six to 18 months. Divide what you spend on a video by 18, and you’ll find that professional video production is truly more affordable than you imagined. When it comes to business, first impressions matter, and your videos are often the first impressions people get of your company.


About the Author: Gauthier Lagace is a small business owner who operates several stores.


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