Building Homes and Business Takes Finance

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Signs of growth are returning to the UK Economy. It is good news for everyone after a few years when demand has been depressed and business has been more intent on survival rather than development. With economic growth comes improved employment prospects and recruitment companies have opportunities to fill vacancies for their clients. Construction is one sector where projects that had been shelved are now back on to the drawing board and being rescheduled. There is a housing shortage in the UK and it has been growing during the years of recession. It needs to be urgently addressed.

Politics and Pressure Groups

The Labour Leader, Ed Miliband has recently stated that if the party wins the next General Election it will aim to gear up to build 200,000 new homes every year. Controversially, Labour is talking about 4 new towns in the South of England whilst recognising the need to make them compatible with the protection of the environment. It does not impress the Campaign to Protect Rural England. It understands the need for more housing but points out that building should not be forced upon communities and the whole subject needs consideration and debate.

 risks 300x300 Building Homes and Business Takes Finance

Inevitably, the spur to building is also to achieve a better return on investment. Property prices have suffered from stagnation, but are now on the move. The first signs were in the South East which is the economic hub of the country but there are good signs out in the provinces also. The result has been an increased demand for craftsmen and simple labourers to get the projects on the move.

Recruitment of labour

One quick way for a company to get the workers it needs is to use a company that specialises in filling vacancies. If a recruitment company provides labour it will retain those workers on its books and pay them accordingly. A client will pay against invoice and therein lays the margin, recruitment finance being the major issue in being able to run a successful business. Companies like http://www.cashsimply.co.uk provide a service to the recruitment sector helping businesses manage the financial issues that are peculiar to their industry.

Investigate the services

Some recruitment businesses provide labour right across the board. Some specialise in temporary staff within cities, either to address seasonal demand or to fill in with absences in an existing workforce, such as maternity leave. Other companies provide contract workers and the signs that construction will have a bright future in the coming years make that an area to investigate.

That investigation should also look at the services that are available to support the sector and they certainly include finance. Cash flow is critical, profitability likewise. The next few years can certainly be good with proper planning and the use of good support services.

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Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2561712/Labour-build-four-new-towns-south-Miliband-unveils-plans-plug-housing-shortage-region.html

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