Business Tips: Do You Look Like a Winning Salesperson?

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You’ve got the skills, and you’ve got the experience. Hands down, any customer looking for a sales rep in your industry would be lucky to land you as their contact. The problem is, even if this does describe you in a nutshell, it might not be evident to customers at a quick glance. In our modern age, there are some pretty superficial qualifiers that people look for before they want to date, befriend, or work with anyone. In this article we’ll explore how you can make your image meet your skillset in things like social media presence, customer reviews, and tech-savviness. Take a look, you could see your accounts growing rapidly with these small adjustments!

tips 300x225 Business Tips: Do You Look Like a Winning Salesperson?

Social Media Presence

A lot of business people have written off social media altogether as an unnecessary waste of time, that doesn’t create actual customers. The fact is, just because you aren’t tracing actual transactions to your social media page, doesn’t mean that it didn’t help create a new customer. A recent study showed over 30% of customers will check out a company or sales rep’s social media profile before placing an order with them. This kind of “due diligence” approach is often no more than a virtual popularity contest, of the most superficial nature. If a business or sales person doesn’t have any social media presence, and has zero followers or connections – they might be perceived as having no expertise. This alone makes having an active presence invaluable. It’s just not that hard to get a facebook or twitter page, and populate it with new content every week or month – you never know when it could create you next new customer. The content creation is as easy as reposting great articles for your industry you see across the web. Not only does this give you easy content that you’re not plagiarizing – it still helps you look like an industry expert. When it comes to social media presence, no is not an option.

Customer Reviews

In our world of digital everything, people want information and they want it fast. This means before they work with someone or buy almost anything, they expect to see reviews from an objective source talking about the quality of the products and services. You’ll usually see these reviews in places like Yelp, Google Reviews, or Angie’s List. If you have no reviews, that’s not going to help – but what’s worse, is the one customer who had a bad experience with you has a paragraph long rant against your business, and there’s nothing else to be found. This kind of thing happens, and it doesn’t even mean you were at fault. However, if that’s the only source of information online, it will be viewed as the whole truth. To combat this, you need to ask some of your most satisfied customers to log on and give you some honest reviews. You’re not telling them what to say, only to tell the truth – which you just so happen to know to be a very satisfied response. If you can get 3, 4, or 5 good reviews to combat the bad one – people will know that the angry ranting customer was probably not the norm, and what the truth really is: you are a business / person they can trust, and will want to work with.

Show Your Tech Savvy

Say you’ve been in the real estate business for over 25 years. You have the most knowledge, and would be the best person to sell anyone’s home – hands down. This kind of quality can sadly be overlooked if you don’t seem up to date, and with the times in terms of technology. There are a lot of ways in which your tech savvy can be perceived at surface level by customers, but an obvious one is your phone. Even if you don’t find it necessary to use a smartphone for your business – you’re still going to need one, just to appear the most relevant when you pull it out at professional functions. Another example of surface level tech savvy, are the custom business cards you carry around with you at all times. Business cards have always been an essential part of marketing yourself and your business – but they can hurt as much as they can help. When you pull out a plain white card that screams “here comes 1986!”, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Instead, consider updating your card with smart technology like QR codes, and NFC tags. These little add-ons will help your customers use your card in better conjunction with their preferred technology – while also simply showing that you’re someone who’s going to actually use the latest technology to sell their home or property.


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