Clever Ways to Build Affiliate Traffic

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Affiliate marketers are always searching for ideal traffic building methods. That usually entails strategies that are simple to put into practice, don’t require hours of technical study, doesn’t break the budget, and can bring both short and long-term results. When it comes to finding customers for another seller’s product, service or digital product, the good news is that there are lots of ways to approach the challenge. Here are some of the most efficient methods that newcomers, and even seasoned pros, can take advantage of.

Social Media

Social media is perhaps the most common way to drive traffic to a site or splash page of a specific item. One of the best things is that it’s free. That’s on top of the fact that most entrepreneurs already have a decent amount of experience with the main social platforms and can just plug in their sales/marketing links wherever appropriate. Of course, for financial related services like loan brokers, forex affiliate programs and stock market platforms, it’s wise to do some research to find the best social media outlets. For no-cost, fast impact effectiveness, social media is a good place to start because you can continue to run your sales efforts through it in combination with other, more sophisticated techniques that you add in later.

Display Advertising

One of the oldest of the traffic building techniques, display ads can be very economical and are easy to target. Because there are millions of business and personal blogs and product sites out there, it doesn’t take long to find a dozen or so good candidates for a display ad. One key advantage of this strategy is its simplicity. There are no numbers to crunch or giant lists to create. It’s just a matter of choosing which are the best websites to use for your advertisements. You can compare sites by price and pick two or three of the best deals out of a large pool of candidates.


If you already have an email list or are willing to create one, this is one of the low-cost ways to bring in new customers and generate sales. Most marketers buy lists online with varying results. By far, the most effective lists are the ones you create yourself by running opt-in ads on particular websites or by using social media pages to capture addresses of interested parties. Some of the most successful campaigns began with only small email lists and eventually expanded from there.


Native ads are those clever articles that are semi-disguised as news or serious content but are actually advertisements. If you’ve ever seen a really interesting infomercial on television that you mistook for a documentary or a talk show, then you get the idea. To create this type of content, write a few short articles on your product or service and place them on targeted websites that run pieces related to your niche. If you’re not able to come up with the items yourself, consider hiring a freelance writer to do a few for you.

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