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Credit control and debt collection

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Credit check is effective for small and medium-sized enterprises . Some large companies who decide to extend the time required to resolve outstanding invoices planning.

This has an important impact on small and medium-sized enterprises . Business owners are sometimes willing to pay more customers for late payments for fear of losing business relationships.

Check your credit customers
There are many credit monitoring services to ensure that each potential customer is creditworthy . These low -cost services could save thousands of pounds of future payments of bad debtor. They score based on access to the report on credit history accounts – Land Records, regional courts, etc. Consider the prior written consent of the prospective client in the control group state ” reference customers are looking for this trade credit should be as specific as possible ( limited to the facts ) because banks are naturally reluctant to give out data – a primary obligation of the customer to pay for privacy, even if the credit check does not guarantee payment , minimizing the risk of a series of bad debtors and provides interesting information about the financial situation of the client. Keep in mind that even though they may customers may experience strong evidence of economic.

Feel free to ask potential suppliers to trade links.

When dealing with unknown potential customers search for a business loan , mundane activities with a request for the names and phone numbers of some other vendors. If you offer credit terms of the process , ask the right people and administrative management of the lending process . Judges have already been addressed in the customer’s perspective , and therefore also a first-hand explanation of how to do business in which we will pay the debt , and if not, they should not be trusted . Ask questions, such as how much time there , sales per month , who knew him , and keep their promises .

We offer discounts for early payment
To avoid problems with liquidity , it is common to offer a discount for early payment of invoices . Discounts may imeytyähinnoittelun structure of most companies. In short, the margin is sacrificed to improve cash flow management . In addition, you can limit the amount of business loans available in every major customer or group of customers. The loan is usually calculated by credit rating agencies stake in the current job .

We offer a variety of ways to get paid
Providing a variety of ways customers pay the bill , it makes life easier. Trying to write and send a check can be erased electronically. Payment by BACS offers quick money , then you need to increase your bank details and sort code account number for each invoice . Other office credit card services (such as PayPal or Google Checkout) way to help enterprise customers pay.

Whenever you are dealing with new prospects and existing customers , it is important that the new venture will be highlighted. These include the addition of standard terms of payment , terms of trade, the application form and sequence of notes , bank statements , order confirmations , delivery notes , specifications , invoices and e – mail . Telling the terms and conditions of business, customers do not be surprised when they get their bill payment deadlines . By entering contracts , debts protected in the event of a potential legal claim. If you let the materials or goods to the customer and are therefore went into administration, before settling on the invoice may have some contact if you sell these goods effectively in accordance with the legal basis in the first place .

Invoices comprehensive Time Out
Failed to send your bills on time credit check . Posting or e – mail invoice is completely controlled by the business owner. One of delaying tactics, or make sure that the accounts are the details: -

Address of Trading
• Number of companies
• seat
• Tax identification number (if applicable )
• Telephone and fax numbers
• Name of contact
• Preferred method of payment
• amount and currency on invoices
• Payment terms including discounts
• Terms and Conditions
• Detailed description of goods and services , including links to customers , customer orders or other internal link

It is important to know who is responsible for paying the bill , especially in large organizations . Try to build a relationship with them so that I know who you are before you call out of the blue to date and strive for the future payment of outstanding invoices . Try to be polite and effective way to provide all the necessary information to understand what the invoice relates.

Factoring organization

Establish written policies and procedures to process credit checks
It’s a good idea to write, what are the procedures and policies Fair Debt Collection Practices raise money . They should be included in the documentation: -

payment terms by users
• types of fees are offered
• Terms and Conditions Account
• Structures discount prices
• Individual responsibility for managing credit
• When the reminder notice sent
• Information systems and software procedures
• Contact your local collection agencies or organizations , factoring, could cause problems in the future .

Understand your legal rights

Always seek professional legal advice regarding the legal protection and the effects. Think about what you are doing, or client refuses to pay the bill. Take it to court? Can I use a debt collection agency like Premier Collect to aggravate delicate negotiations?


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