Design Tips to Enhance your Exhibition Stand

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Having a stand at an exhibition is a productive way to boost brand awareness and to communicate a message to your audience but designing one that does both of these things can be tricky. Your stand will need to impress your audience as well as work in terms of conveying your message and creating a bespoke stand is the best way forward.

Bespoke Design

The key to designing a good stand is to ensure that who you are and what you are offering are both easy to determine with a quick glance. This isn’t easy to do by yourself and it is often a far better idea to get a professional company to do the design work for you. Professional stand design by Nimlok and other companies that specialise in stand designs are a great service to take advantage of as they understand the importance of how to use the following to your benefit:

  • The graphics

  • The ergonomics of your stand (what sits where)

  • Architectural options to match your branding

  • The shape/style of the stand

Display a Call to Action

Being able to grab attention from the hundreds and sometimes thousands of people attending an event is important, so ensuring your stand not only stands out to draw people in but also that it can retain people once they are there is vital. Having a clear CTA is pivotal, as after people visit your stand and listen to what you have to say – they will need to know what to do next.

Big vs. Small

When it comes to garnering attention, bigger can be better but being creative can work if you have a small stand. While you will need to ensure that your stand is appealing once you have your audience hooked in but getting their attention in the first place can be a lot easier if you have a large stand.

However, it is also important to incorporate all of the following into the design as well:

  • Good lighting

  • Lots of signage

  • Images or videos

  • Digital engagement – such as surveys, games and more

If you run a small business on a limited budget and you can only afford to invest in a small display space, then you will need to concentrate on using the above to your advantage to grab people’s attention.

Don’t be afraid to get attention by hosting games, running a competition, and giving away freebies as long as they reflect your brand and exhibiting campaign as all of these things will not only get people to your stand but will also keep them there. A good exhibition stand will excite and educate, so make sure that yours will draw people in and retain their attention.

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