Easy Ways to Increase Visibility for Your Automotive Dealership

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If you own or manage a vehicle dealership and maintenance center in your community, you have a unique opportunity to communicate with local residents. If you’ve noticed the majority of your business is coming from people who’ve been your customers in the past, however, that’s a strong indicator it’s probably time to start doing things that help you stand out from competitors. Keep reading to get a few ideas.

classic car 300x213 Easy Ways to Increase Visibility for Your Automotive Dealership

Offer Free Car Maintenance Days

Generosity can go a long way if you’re trying to make a strong impression on people who haven’t dealt with you before. Think about planning a few days per year where you give away something for free, just because people took time to stop by and see what you’re all about. Some perks you could provide include free oil changes or window cleanings. Both of those options aren’t very labor intensive, but they should be much appreciated by anyone who comes to your car lot. As a person is leaving, don’t forget to give him or her a business card as a reminder your establishment will be available to provide service in the future, too.

Set Up an Information Table at Community Gatherings

Neighborhoods and towns often host events that encourage people within a community to come together and learn about particular causes. Some are even geared towards encouraging people to shop at local businesses, rather than large mass merchants. As a service provider in the area, you’re in an ideal position to spread the word about services available from your dealership by staffing an information table. In advance of the special event, print handbills, magnets, miniature calendars or other freebies that bear the name and contact information of your business. Arrange those in an eye-catching way, and also make sure people who’re working at the table are good representatives for your dealership, especially if you aren’t around to supervise.

Show Your Support for Another Nearby Organization

It’s often easier to make your business more visible if you’re willing to team up with others. Consider partnering with a local fire department and offering a certain percentage of your sales to go towards supplies they might need, such as #brush trucks. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were 1,375,000 fires reported during 2012 in the United States.

Clearly, fire departments play important roles in keeping communities safe, and if you can lend support for their causes, that’ll speak volumes and help bolster the reputation of your car dealership. To target online customers when promoting your involvement with a local firehouse, update your website to include a special area that asks people to follow the link and learn more details about what’ll be purchased with the money raised.

These three ideas should be helpful if you’re eager to attract new customers to your automotive business, but aren’t sure of the best way to go about it. There’s no single method that’ll guarantee success, although the possibilities above generally work very well.

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