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Effectively displaying Pick ‘n’ Mix products

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With very little in the way of packaging, sweet dispensers for a line of Pick ‘n’ Mix products need to showcase the goods as much as possible. Because of this, they will usually need to be entirely transparent, with a suitable amount of Point Of Sale material attached to grab the attention of the customer. Integrated holders for bags and plastic scoops are also an absolute must, as these make the whole purchase experience easier. Different configurations are available to allow for a greater variety of confectionery lines, and the most effective units can take pride of place in a prominent store location.

In terms of profitability, certain sweets perform better than others, and these sweet dispensers allow key lines to be displayed at the customer’s eye level. Visually attractive products can also be placed in a retail position that is designed for maximum impact, using tactics that include seasonal promotions, clearance sales and introductory offers. If the retailer is looking to charge by weight (as opposed to a set price per bag or container), the perfect layout of products will encourage the customer to continue to fill their bag as much as possible.

With the product bins themselves, sweet dispensers must make it as easy as possible to access the confectionery with a plastic scoop. At the same time, it must also be possible to store large amounts of stock – this will prevent time-consuming refills on a regular basis. The front opening is flat, and remaining sweets simply fall into this area once the base products have been removed. By refilling the bins from the top, this will always ensure that the oldest stock is sold first, and general wastage will be reduced significantly.

Provided that all of these design elements are in place, these Point of Sale units will promote a profitable Pick ‘n’ Mix area.

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