Explore your creative skills on an art holiday

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Many artists, whether they enjoy painting, drawing or sculpture welcome the opportunity to learn more and improve their techniques on a dedicated art holiday. For those who want to learn a new skill, these holidays can provide valuable instruction as well as the company of like minded people. It is not all work though. You also get time for sightseeing and socialising either in the UK or abroad.

Art holidays in the United Kingdom

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There are many art holidays in the UK, often in naturally beautiful areas such as the Lake District and the West Country. As well as tuition, for example in watercolour and pastel techniques, accommodation can be provided and sometimes materials are supplied. It is often possible to arrange private tuition, and the brochure will tell you whether the course is suitable for beginners or those with more experience. A major advantage is usually that, as teaching ratios are small, you benefit from plenty of individual attention. Many of these holidays use the outdoors as inspiration, and you will be able to paint unique landscapes, seascapes or wildlife. 

Two examples of art holidays in the UK are Inspired by Gardens and Pennine Painting. Inspired by Gardens offers fully residential five day painting holidays in Devon that include visits to nearby gardens or scenic locations to enable participants to draw or paint subjects from nature. Pennine Painting runs three or four day courses for drawing or painting based in Garrigill in the North Pennines. The days run from 9.30am to 4.30pm and refreshments are included. Accommodation is not provided but there is plenty of choice in the local area. 

There are many art holidays to choose from, so wherever you want to go in the UK follow this link for more information. If drawing and painting do not appeal to you, why not consider pottery, stone carving or mosaics – all these are possible. 

Everyone has a different reason for making art. Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley asked seven artists their reasons and were surprised at the diversity of answers, so you do not need to have a “good” reason. If an art holiday appeals to you then go ahead.

Art Holidays Abroad

France, Italy and Spain are all popular destinations for art holidays, but you will find them almost anywhere in Europe, so it may make sense to decide where you want to go first, and then look for an art holiday in that location. 

More adventurous artists may decide to experience an Art Safari Tour. These take place not only in African countries such as Namibia, Swaziland and Botswana, but also in Norway, Japan and the Antarctic. Other destinations farther afield that might appeal to you are the Caribbean, Fiji or New Zealand where you can combine a sightseeing holiday with a few days of art tuition in amazing surroundings.

Whether you decide to stay in the UK or venture abroad it is easy to find a suitable holiday. There are often different activities offered in the same location, so if your partner prefers to do something else you can stay in the same place but spend your days enjoying the hobby of your choice.


Image credits:FreeDigitalPhotos.net  Sira Anamwong

Source: http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/why_we_make_art

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