Financial Tips for Senior Citizens

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While many creep toward retirement age, and have succeeded in feathering the retirement nest, many others haven’t been so lucky. No matter what the situation, ways we can save a few shillings are always worth taking advantage of, better in our pocket than theirs.

From 50 onward we can reap the benefits:

A bit of extra insurance is never a bad thing. There are many companies offering life insurance for over 50s some of which require no medical information, and guarantees acceptance up to a certain age. An ideal way to leave that little something to remaining family.

Once we get to 60, money saving benefits get even greater. With free eye tests for prescription glasses, Specsavers also offer a 25% discount on their range of over 69GBP glasses.

For those who like to keep an active mind, as well as body, there are many adult education classes available. Your local council is a good place to start on this one. Many offer reduced rates to the over 60’s or the retired.

Car too expensive to run:

Just when we have the extra time available to get out and about, many find the car is too expensive to run; all is not lost. In England, if you were born before 1950, you are entitled to free off peak bus travel during the week and anytime over the weekend, anywhere in the country.

For those who wish to travel that little bit further, coach and train discount cards are available, giving substantial allowances on the standard fares. For rail travellers, purchasing a three year card will save you a further 20GBP.

Check out the online train travel websites, on some, savings of 80% on the standard fare can be made. These discounts may well prove cheaper than your rail card. Be sure to check allowable travelling times though.

Lucky Londoners:

Do you live in the capitol? If so you may well be eligible for a Freedom Pass, which gives you free travel on buses, trams, tubes and trains. Check out their website, as eligibility has increased with the new retirement ages.

Start doing your homework:

It’s never too soon to begin seeking out what you are entitled to from the government. You’ve paid into the system all your working life. Now is the time to start reaping the benefits, especially if you’ve found yourself alone in later life.

The CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) is an ideal place to start, either online, or pop into one of their walk in sessions. Money advice websites, or many of the government sponsored sites, all have a plethora of ways to save some of that hard earned money, and provide additional information on the financial payments you are fully entitled to.


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