Five reasons to consider leasing an office printer

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Launching a start-up can often be tough, especially when you don’t have a lot of capital to play around with.

Some business owners may find that all of their funds are eaten up by essential capital equipment like office space, computers or printers, meaning there is little room to encourage growth.

One option available to those in this situation is to lease their office equipment rather than buy it out right. A simple online search will bring up plenty of companies willing to lease everything from web servers to Apple macs and printers. Here are five advantages to leasing a printer instead of buying it.

Financial advantages

Leasing office equipment might cost a similar amount in the long-run to buying it outright, but in the short-term it can save small businesses enough money to continue operating and invest in growth. Business owners should easily be able to get their hands on a laser printer for as little as £1 per day – less than the price of a commuter’s coffee.

For those just starting to make their way in business, there’s less of a commitment there. Businesses who need to cut costs or downsize can choose to end their lease and do without their equipment. A lot of equipment leasing companies will offer a good deal to customers who want to purchase equipment at the end of a lease too.

Best model

Leasing also makes it more affordable for business owners to get their hands on the most advanced model. The best printers allow users to create higher-quality prints on a range of paper sizes at greater speeds. The top models will also include scanners, finishing options and the ability to save files to a server – all features which can improve business productivity.      


Those who lease any equipment instead of buying it will also have a better incentive to upgrade their equipment. Many printer leasing companies will allow customers to upgrade to the latest model at the end of a contract. That way they can keep on top of technological developments without having to splash out thousands of pounds every couple of years.

Considering the exciting research being completed in the print industry at the moment, this could be a big selling point for some customers.  

No maintenance

If a printer that you own breaks down, then it’s up to you to pay for its repair. That’s not the case for those who lease their office equipment. After all, it’s the owners of the equipment who have agreed to lease working equipment to the customer, so it’s down to them to fix any bugs.

Added extras

A lot of leasing companies will throw incentives to sweeten the deal and make themselves stand out from competitors. Some will throw in a generous warranty. Others will deliver and install the equipment. Those looking to lease a printer might want to keep their eyes peeled for some affordable toner as part of the deal.

Leasing printers isn’t for everyone. Those with a fair bit of capital behind them might prefer to buy equipment outright. Nevertheless, there are certainly plenty of advantages to leasing printers and other office equipment too.


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