Having a clear USP for your new company

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plano carreira profissional tecnologia informacao 300x225  Having a clear USP for your new companyThe key to the success of any new company will be about selling your products and services effectively. No matter what products and services your new company is going to be selling, it will be unlikely that we have not heard of this before. So your key strategy here is about setting out what will make your business more special and set you aside from your competition. The USP or your unique selling point is what will help you stand out from the crowd.

What will make your business different?

With so much competition out there, it is important to aim for your business to stand out amongst the crowd. What will make people want to buy from you? A USP or unique selling point is what helps businesses stand out from the crowd. Before you even register your new company formation, it is important to have your USP in place. What is the purpose of your business and what is going to make your customers suppliers and partners remember you. Your USP should always remain current so be sure to check out your competition regularly. Check their new products and make sure you can continually back up why your product is still better.

Know what your customers are looking for

Part of your sales strategy for your new company should be focussed on understanding what customers are looking for. Be sure to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. This helps you understand your target audience and tailor your products and services according to the needs you have identified. Your target audience will also be more receptive to your USP if you have spent time researching their needs and wants.

Stay ahead of your competition

Innovation is the key to success for many businesses and changing with the times. Look at the recent collapse of HMV once the UK’s leading retailer of music and books. Unfortunately their business model failed to embrace changes in the way people were now buying and listening to music. Online marketing was their downfall as they did not invest in selling their products especially music online and as a result as their customers moved away from buying on the high street, their sales declined. It is important to look at new product innovations and consider different ways in which you can do things.  Keep your sales strategies fresh and exciting. See what your competitors are doing and analyse their marketing efforts closely.

How can your products and services benefit your customers?

Your customers will purchase or buy your products and services because they feel they are better than your competitors. There are many elements that you can incorporate in to you USP to help you stand out from your competitors.


The price of a product and service can be a unique selling price especially if you are cheaper than your competitors. Think about promotions, loyalty schemes and 2 for 1 and free delivery which are all great USPs.


The quality of the products or services that you are selling can be important to creating a unique USP. What materials are you using and what makes your product better quality than that of your competitors.

There are many elements to starting and running a business successfully. From your initial idea to your business plan to registering your new company formation, starting a new company involves so many details. Having the right terms and conditions in place and adequate cash flow are also important. What will keep your business trading will be your ability to continue selling your products and services. A unique selling point will be a major component in achieving this. Remember your unique selling point should focus on the benefits to your potential customers and should be tailored to suit their needs and wants. There is plenty of information at for businesses looking for advice and guidance on a variety of business topics.

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