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How to Raise Money on Kickstarter

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Kickstarter is the largest funding platform on the Internet that can be used to raise money for creative projects. There are several websites like this that provides you with the opportunity to showcase your ideas and ask for funding from the entire world. You may think that uploading your pitch will result in a huge amount of interest and all the money you need for your project, but you’re mistaken. There are several challenges and funding is never guaranteed. You can increase your chances of getting funded uses the following tips.

3d system How to Raise Money on Kickstarter


Spend time on Kickstarter (or a similar funding site) and see what projects receive the best responses. Examine how they have created their pitch, what methods they’ve used as well as the detailed information they’ve provided. You can find successful examples by looking at the popular section or the staff picks. If you would like to see projects that have failed to take off (essential research) you’ll need to head to the ending soon section and browse the results.

Sort Out Your Goal

You have to know exactly what you need to meet your goal. Work out how much the project is going to require to complete and don’t guess the figure, you need it to be accurate. If you use Kickstarter you won’t receive any money unless you reach the goal, so you should avoid overestimating at all costs. If you focus on selling your idea there’s no reason why your goal can’t be exceeded, and you will receive the extra money.


You can decide how long you would like the project to run on Kickstarter. Most people stick to the 30 day time limit, recommended by the site, but you can make it longer if you want. Think about the audience that is going to be interested in your project and how long it’s going to take you to attract their attention. You’ll need to market the project on as many channels as possible so take the time it’s going to take you to do that before making your decision.

Rewards and Reward Price Points

People will want to receive something in return for their investment, nothing is free. You reward people by offering gifts based on the amount they invest. Work out the types of rewards your audience will want. For example, if you plan on creating a toy you could provide a toy as a reward for anyone who invests just under your expected retail price. Other rewards could be mentions on the website, free advertising, posters and merchandise, meetings with the developers and even shares in the company.

Prepare Your Pitch

The way you introduce your project will have a huge impact on how successful your project is. It always helps to have a prototype which is now easy to create using www.rapid3d.co.za.  Work on your copy, create an interesting video and make it fun, informative and involve public response you’ve already received.


Once the project is live you need to begin marketing in a big way. Promote everywhere possible by using social media, press releases, and blog posts; even call your local papers and radio stations. Keep marketing the entire time the project is running and share your milestones.

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