Making an Accident Claim: All the Information you Need

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There is an absolute mass of information about personal injury claims, but to start with you need to know the basic information to see if making a claim is the right way forward for you.

You have to fit the rules

The first thing you need to do is make sure you fit the rules for making a personal injury claim which are:

·         You must have been in an accident that was not your fault

·         In the accident you should have sustained injuries to your body or mind

·         The injuries must have been severe enough to need medical attention

·         The accident must have happened within the last three years

If you think you fit these rules, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

The accidents you can claim for

Any accident that was not your fault can be claimed for; none of them are excluded from compensation claims.  Some are more common than others though, such as:

·         Road traffic accidents

·         Accidents at work

·         Holiday accidents

·         Medical negligence

·         Slips, trips and falls

·         Food poisoning

·         Industrial illnesses and diseases

These are just a sample of the accidents that could cause you to be injured through the actions of someone else.

The injuries you may sustain

There is a limitless list of injuries you could sustain in an accident that was not your fault, such as:

·         Broken bones

·         Facial injuries

·         Damage to the joints

·         Internal injuries

·         Back and spine injuries

·         Eye injuries

·         Head and brain injuries

·         Fatal injuries

There is no part of the body or mind that cannot sustain an injury and mean you need to make a personal injury claim.

No win no fee agreements

No win no fee agreements have been used for personal injury claims since April 2000 and in 2012, 98% of claims were financed this way.. This is because the agreement means anyone can make a claim; finances do not have to be a consideration. No money is needed to start the claim, or if the claim proves unsuccessful.

Making your claim

Now we have discussed the basics of personal injury claims, you need more detailed information about your own particular circumstances and for this you should visit http://www.accidentadvicehelpline.co.uk/personal-injury-claims/ .

Accident Advice Helpline has helpful and friendly expert claims advisors who will talk through the finer points of your accident and injuries.  They will answer any questions you may have and provide you with all the information you need to decide if you want to pursue your claim for compensation.  Calling them will not put you under any obligation to use their services, and they will not pressurise you to do so.

They have many years’ experience in dealing with claims, and have helped countless victims obtain the compensation they deserved.  Many of their claimants receive their compensation in quite a short time as they are often able to agree terms before the claim reaches court, without compromising the amount you are awarded.

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