Making Use Of Empty Store Space

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If making more sales in your retail outlet is important, then you need to spend some time thinking about how your store space is used. Not just the main floor space, but everything. This includes those areas that you might normally think of as empty or unusable. Have you ever considered ways to display your items using the walls? There are a number of ways to do this, with gridwall and slatwall displays among the easiest and most versatile. 

21 923 Making Use Of Empty Store SpaceGrid Wall:

A gridwall display is essentially a type of shelving that can be either connected to your wall, or pushed right up against the wall. In either case, this is a great way to make use of otherwise wasted space in your store or shop. It also should not matter if you are selling clothes, grocery items, or anything in between.

This type of shelving is very easy to use. In fact, most store owners find that they can even install this themselves, without the need to hire a contractor (therefore saving a lot of money). The interesting thing about this is that it can either be placed on free standing ‘legs’ or actually attached to the wall. This also gives you a lot of options since the leg idea will allow for moving the displays from wall to wall and even other areas in the store. Of course, the wall-mounted idea is more of a permanent solution. You may also vary exactly how you display your product. As long as your items fit on a hook, they can be arranged on your gridwall display in a number of ways; play around with it to determine your ideal layout that makes best use of all the space.

Slat Wall:

A slatwall display might be even more versatile than the other options for making use of wall space. This can almost be considered a type of indoor siding, if you will. By installing this in your store, you become open to the possibility of using an incredible range and variety of hooks, shelves, baskets, and other accessories. This gives you virtually unlimited possibilities in terms of how you want to design your wall displays. They can even be moved around and changed as you see fit. Heck, you could even use some hanging bars and turn a few of your displays into a vertical arrangement, possibly freeing up even more space.

Slatwall also gives you the ability to coordinate outfits and accessories. In other words, you can build your displays to focus on giving the customer what they want. Plus, you can even use merchandising techniques to focus on adding impulse items to the initial sale. How about using some slatgrid panels and displays or even a slanted shelf?

Key Factor:

The key factor to keep in mind is that your customers cannot and will not buy what they do not see. So, this means that the more items you can get out on your floor, the more you will sell. Of course, display these items for maximum visibility also demands a fair amount of creativity. This is where the gridwall and slatwall displays come in very handy. Of course each store and situation is different, but certainly at least one (and maybe even both) of these options will be a great solution for you, leading to more sales and higher profits.

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