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Finding a job in today’s economic climate requires abilities, skills, and proper preparation. Not only should your resume be impeccable, but also the right references should be in place and you need the ability to answer any interviewer’s questions, and hiring managers are also looking at physical appearances. Although hiring based on looks is considered discriminatory, unfortunately studies have proven that it is exactly what happens. It is very hard to prove in wrongful hiring practice lawsuits yet very easy to solve for men preparing for interviews. Consider the advice below for your physical appearance preparation for interviews.

The Stats 

The plain truth is that statistics from recent studies prove that a well-groomed individual is more likely to win a job than a person who is physically unprepared. Ninety percent of human resource professionals believe that a well-groomed individual will set themselves apart and make a better first impression than a person that is not physically prepared. This is often the case for long-term careers in business or politics as well. Those that are clean-shaven represent the majority of politicians and fortune 500 CEOs. Presenting a “clean” and professional appearance appears to be one of the leading factors in being hired.   

Conservative Hairdo

Think about putting off that mohawk or frosted tips just before any significant interview for your career. Presenting a well-groomed haircut provides a clean backdrop for facial features and overall head presentation. A classic taper or businessman’s haircut should be the two options considered. These haircuts include short on the sides and back with a medium length on top for versatile styling. Avoid other trendy haircuts or hair products that provide too much sheen. Matte hair products should be used for a cleaner more conservative look. You should also avoid the military cut such as a brush cut with a square top, which appears to be inflexible or too conservative for a business interview.


Although beards, goatees, and facial hair of all shapes and sizes are popular in today’s society, they are still detractors in any job interview. Current research suggests that a clean-shaven face provides a better first impression of honesty, openness, and willingness to work. It is one of the easiest preparation techniques for any career interview that should be considered a must do. The good thing about facial hair is that it can be grown whenever you want. Once you land your dream job growing the facial hair that you desire can be considered. However if you look at most business leaders, besides founders of large organizations, most top executives remain hair-free.

Dress for Success

No matter what the intended job opportunity is, dressing for success is always the right choice. If possible, find out the dress code for the potential company and dress in neutral colors according to that dress code. Over-dressing compared to your potential boss could be a strike against you, so ensuring proper dress formats is recommended. Dressing for success does not always mean wearing a pinstriped Armani suit. Whatever the dress code, ensure that your clothing is of neutral designs, not trendy, and well pressed.

Some of the best preparation tools for interviews include a dress code guide for interviews, a guide to interwet shaving, and styling guides for how to wear your hair for interviews, all found on the Internet. Be prepared for success and be confident of your abilities in order to interview well for your dream job.

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