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Progressive Office Furniture and Your Business Image

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The furnishings you choose to set up your new business or renovate the old office are the first impression customers get of you and what you do. Make sure you communicate accurately before even saying a word. Are you modern or old fashioned? Will people in this industry expect you to purchase quality office furniture to show you are keeping up with the times?


Favoring Lines and Waves


Designers of Progressive Office Furniture frequently take one of two directions: they embrace geometry or they defy it. While one reception desk will be made of straight lines and sharp angles, another will be softened by a wavy top edge. Beneath that edge the receptionist’s station is still ordered and comfortable.


The Importance of Employee Protection


For the germaphobe in your employee ranks, consider putting up a reception desk with a glass area to prevent unnecessary exposure to viruses. Medical and dental offices are some of the most germ-heavy places, but any receptionist greets countless people every day. Though these professionals are not examining patients, and maybe not even making physical contact, conversing over a desk is all that is needed to spread illness. Keep staff healthy and safe behind a modern piece of furnishing.


Glass is also a measure against physical harassment in case your business attracts unpredictable, emotional individuals, such as at a medical or legal office. While this addition to a receptionist’s station can appear forbidding, the use of warm colours for the base and other furnishings will help to dispel this impression.


Selecting Seating Arrangements


How comfortable do you want your customers to be while they discuss matters in your office or wait for you to call them in? Are you expecting professional guests or everyday people of all ages?


Progressive Office Furniture sets a tone in keeping with the personality of your business. There are big chairs for adults and smaller ones for young visitors, if you expect them. Chair backs and seats are also potentially easy to clean. Many individuals appreciate the feel of real fabric on their chairs, but you prefer for your janitorial staff to be able to thoroughly wipe a material down at the end of a day.


Seats should be functional and attractive, matching the colour scheme set by desks, flooring, and curtains or blinds. If you consult a single furniture company to help you design your office, the designer in charge of your project can look at colours of laminate, wood, and fabric in their own stock so as to effectively match hues, tones, and textures. You have your own ideas about which shade of fabric, vinyl, or mock crocodile skin will work best with grey ash hardwood, but a professional should at least be advised lest you make an expensive style mistake. Be aware, though, that furniture companies with heavy buying power can really save you big bucks on high quality products.


Who Do You Call?


Consider working with a furnishing company with branches right in Melbourne so you can walk in and talk with staff. Take a look at their catalogues and ideas and strike up a business relationship.


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