Roll Up Banner versus Hanging Banner: Which is Better?

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Deciding on which advertising tool to use for your business is important. You are spending your money for advertising. Therefore, your investment should be returned in the form of increased profit or visibility at the very least. Among the more traditional advertising tools, there are two common choices. These are pop up banners and regular banners that you hang on a wall. Of these two, which is better? Which tool will make your business more popular?

A closer look at pop up banners

They are perfect if you wish to provide more details for your target audience to read. These banners are placed on the ground. Those who are interested in reading more information can come closer and read the content. You can also employ someone to stand next to the banner just in case there are questions. This is a good strategy if you want to get up close with your target audience. There are not so many people who can see these pop up banners, but at least those who do will be able to learn more details.

Regular banners are good too

The banners that are hung on the wall are better if you wish to hit as many people as possible with the advertising tool. You just have to hang it at a height and you can expect hundreds or even thousands of passers-by to read what is written there. However, you might have to compete with other banners placed next to it. You also can’t write a lot of details. No one will look up for so long just to read the information. This is good only for introducing your company, but not for discussing the details they need to know.

The best choice

In terms of price, both banners are pretty much the same. The amount varies depending on your choice of materials, size, thickness and content. In terms of price, you really can’t set the two apart. You can only choose one based on the goal that you wish to achieve. If you want mass advertising, then hanging banners are better. If you want targeted advertising, then roll up banners are better.

In the end, you need not choose one when you can have both. In fact, you need a lot of them to be scattered all around different places. It is best if you can reach as many people as possible. Your business will drastically improve if you introduce your company to a lot of people. You will reap the benefits in the end. You can also check out http://www.rollerbannersuk.com for more information on advertising tools that are effective.

Image: freedigitalphotos.net (Stuart Miles)

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