Sales Tips: Better Client Relationships

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As a salesperson, your clients are the lifeblood of your existence. The frequency and amount of their orders make or break your success in your position – whether you’re paid on a commission basis or not. While many sales people are simply focused on pushing their sales, sales tactics, and marketing their products/services – they fail to see the real investment they can make in growing their careers: the human relationships they have with their clients. As a sales person, don’t ignore the value you can bring to your sales numbers simply by taking an active interest in the relationships you share with your clients. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at some ways you can improve your client relationships through things like goal setting, personal growth strategy, and better communication – see for yourself!

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Goal Setting: the Key to Consistent Sales

As you work with your clients, and you sell them products and services – you can’t end things with the first sale. More importantly than simply getting them to make their first payment, should be your active interest in the goals they have for their own business – and how your products can and will get them there. If you can’t create a good layout for goals and clearly show how a prolonged purchase of your products will get your client there – they really have no reason they should share a prolonged relationship with you. You can even make some basic analysis of your client’s current numbers, and help them to outline some goals and key performance indicators. Now, you will have to make good on your end of the bargain to keep these goals active and relevant – but if you don’t believe you can do that, then you have no business selling your product in the first place.

Personal Growth Strategy

Aside from the raw business numbers you’re helping your clients move – the one’s they’re responsible for to their own managers – you can build your relationships with them on a much more personal level. A great focus for earning the personal respect of someone is to simply address their own personal growth strategies as an individual as well as their raw responsibilities. This means asking them for a small portion of your scheduled sales calls, and maybe a long portion of in-person sales visits – about how their own career path is moving along. This is something they’ll likely share with you as well, and something that you can excel at easily, if you’re a personable individual. When it’s time to send some sales or any other opportunities to one of their vendors, who do you think they’re going to call?

Better Communication = Better Relationships

As with any relationships, the better communication you have, the better you client relationships will be. This means you have to be responsive to concerns, and listen to the real qualifiers of what’s working and what isn’t for your clients. As they talk about your services to other’s they know, if they’re happy with your services, they’ll refer you. One way to improve this third party communication is to print custom business cards for you and your other colleagues / employees. This will make it easier than ever for your clients to quickly refer your best and most direct contact info to other juicy prospects you’ll want to secure for your business. While it’s easy to say “oh, that person must just not have wanted to work with me for some reason…” – you’d be surprised just how many sales slip through the cracks simply because the right contact info wasn’t easy enough to get to.

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