Set Up Shop in Reading? – What Does Your Office say About Your Company?

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Office accommodation can be a hefty part of business overheads and operating costs. If you are working to a tight budget, you might not have too much choice about where you set up your offices. However, even if you are in an office you would not have chosen for any other reason than economy, how you dress it and present it can still say a lot about your business – both to your employees and your clients.

Character and Charm or Cool and Modern?

If you have the luxury of being able to choose your office from a selection of desired building styles and locations around Reading, what would you prioritise to reflect the nature, culture and aspirations of your company? Are you looking for character and quirky features in old buildings which have been redesigned internally to provide office space? Maybe you are a design agency keen to mark out your individuality and appreciation of all things creative. Maybe you are a leading-edge technology or engineering company looking to reflect high end quality of materials, with clean sleek finishes, minimalist decor and ergonomic work spaces. Do you want to generate an impact of pure productivity with huge open plan spaces, showcasing the hive of activity taking place on a daily basis? You can have your choice of these options in a thriving location like Reading, with the added bonus that is it accessible from many major cities in the UK, and is in very close proximity to London.

Added Value

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Whatever your choice, you can make conscious decisions about your choice of location, building, internal fittings and interior design. To your employees, these choices can communicate and illustrate how you value them. To your clients, these choices can illustrate your commitment to excellence, quality, customer services or any of your core values. Providing a pleasant environment for staff to work in with all the right equipment and furniture required to do a job well, can really boost productivity. Ensure that staff work in good light, ideally some natural light, in comfortable spaces with controllable heating and air conditioning systems. Having the right desks, chairs, keyboards, phone sets and storage might sound like basics, but it is surprising how many people struggle on with inadequate furniture and equipment.

While looking for office spaces in Reading, you will no doubt be considering the financial implications. However, when calculating the actual value of what you pay for, remember that it is worth considering the significance of choosing a location/property that can help your staff feel appreciated. Consider the value of this factor, and how this can help communicate your brand and culture to your clients. Reading is a very popular place for businesses and employees that require easy access to London.

A Reflection of Your Business

Make sure that your office decor reflects the company brand and culture of the organisation. This can be done in many ways such as through colour schemes or positive messages, or simply a clean, tidy, well organised environment which functions well. This may sound simple, but consider the implications of having clients witness mess and madness when they visit your office. It might be acceptable organised chaos to you or your staff and it may not affect your efficiency, but it may send the wrong signal to a client.

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