Should You Outsource Your IT or Have It In-House

Should You Outsource Your IT or Have It In-House?

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One of the most important factors of a business’ success in this century is a strong IT department or team. Without a strong IT department, it could be mayhem trying to run your business’ servers, update software, troubleshoot, and keep your business’ network safe and sound. However, an IT department is certainly not cheap. In fact, a huge portion of your business’ monthly and quarterly capital can end up going towards your IT staff – and the larger your business, the larger your IT staff needs to be. So, it may be time to think about outsourcing your IT department. But should you outsource or keep your IT department in-house?

Should You Outsource Your IT or Have It In House Should You Outsource Your IT or Have It In House?First, you have to look at your business’ needs. If you have a large, bustling business with a network that is working on overdrive, having an IT department that can address issues instantly can not only be a boon to your business – it may be essential. Lets imagine this scenario: your Cisco memory database needs to be updated or your server had a data breach. Well, your dedicated in-house IT department could resolve the situation right away.

However, if your IT department is outsourced and you have a network issue that needs to be resolved right away, you may have to wait – sometimes for hours for the issue to be fixed. If you are a large business, this can be potentially devastating and you could lose a lot of revenue. Yet, if you aren’t a bustling business, there may not be as strong a need for an IT department. As a smaller business, you could probably wait longer for IT support and you could actually save a lot of money by outsourcing.

In fact, if you are a smaller or mid-sized business, you may benefit from outsourcing. By hiring an in-house IT department or staff, your business has to pay a fixed annual salary to each and every member of your IT staff – regardless of your dependence on their services. For instance, if you only have a few issues to resolve during the month, you may be paying more money than it is worth for your IT department. If this is the case, you may be much better off looking into outsourcing your IT department, or even looking into a managed IT platform.

Lastly, the fundamentals are clear – outsourcing your IT department is much less expensive than hiring an in-house department. Depending on the size of your business, you could be paying a fortune to have an in-house IT staff. However, you have to look at the nature of your business and what your network needs. You need to evaluate whether or not your business would benefit from the on-call services on an in-house IT department. You also have to decide whether or not your IT staff is essential to the survival of your business. When it comes down to it, it really is a matter of how big your business is and what kind of capacity your business needs to operate efficiently. At the end of the day, you could be your own IT department if you really wanted to be.

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