Some Famous Medical Device Recalls

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of the most intimidating situations someone can find them self in is being
faced with a situation where they are a victim of malpractice.  Looking for an attorney who has experience in
pursuing those who sold a faulty medical device for legal damages can yield
more than adequate compensation in many cases.
Below are some examples of devices that have been recalled in the past:

Johnson & Johnson Hip Replacements

In 2010 there was a hip replacement recall issued for a product created by DePuy
, a subdivision of Johnson & Johnson.  The company had said that the reason for the
recall was due to the fact that after an operation involving one was completed
it would often fail.  This meant that
patients would need to undergo another surgery in order to correct the issue
with the broken device.  Around 93,000 of
these particular devices were implanted in patients before the recall was initiated.  Prior to the recall the FDA had received more
than 400 complaints regarding the pain patients had to go through in order to
have new hip replacement surgery.

Protegen Sling

Often used as vaginal mesh in order to cure urinary incontinence, this
product ended up causing numerous infections and substantial pain.  The company Boston
ended up issuing a voluntary recall for this product prior to
any legal action being taken.  More than
ten years later Johnson & Johnson were sued by hundreds of patients for
utilizing a type of surgical mesh that was quite similar to that being used by
Boston Scientific.  The FDA eventually
stepped in and said that while surgical mesh complications could be quite
serious, they were also very uncommon.

Heart Valve Rings (the Myxo Ring)

One of the devices in which a Medical
Malpractice Attorney
has been used in the past is for the use of heart
valve rings that are used in order to repair torn heart valves.  Given that complications involving the heart
can be fatal it is extremely important to get it right the first time.  Usually manufacturers of these sorts of
devices have to go through a pre-market approval process in order to be used on
patients.  The Myxo Ring, which is
manufactured by Edwards LifeSciences was implanted in hundreds of people
without FDA approval (which was at the time within their regulations).  As of 2009 the device was subjected to a US
Senate inquiry after dozens of complications involving malfunctioning products.

St. Jude’s Riata Lead

The use of defibrillator leads are used in order to monitor the heart and
then deliver shocks as necessary in order to jump start it in the case of an
emergency.  The devices issued by St.
Jude was recalled after it was found out that the sheathing of the cords
connecting the device to the heart were eroding.  Once 

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