Tips for Setting Up a Home Office

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Do you have the opportunity to ditch your commute and carry your coffee from your kitchen to your home office? For many people, this is a dream come true. If you’re tired of wearing a suit and ties, hose and heels, take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and enjoy the value and comfort of a pair of Toms to complement your new office attire. Whether you’ve started with a new company, or your current position can be completed from home, self-discipline is the key to a successful work from home career. Commit to starting work at the same time each day and finishing up at the same time each evening. Working from home demands a different type of motivation and concentration and work life balance becomes even more important. Taking time off in the evening will actually increase your productivity the following day.  Follow these recommendations from the human resource professionals to get your home office set up for success.

Identify an area in your home that is away from the main flow of traffic. Set up office in your bedroom only as a last resort. Ideally, a home office can share a room that would double as a guest bedroom or workout room. Secure a large table or desk and, if possible, place under a window. Natural light and fresh air are key components of a healthy work environment.  The second important investment is a quality desk chair. Chances are, you’ll be spending many hours sitting, and comfort and proper support are critical to maintain a strong and healthy back. Task lighting and office supplies should round out your list to set up your home office.  If your employer does not provide a laptop, you will need to invest in one that meets the specifications of the job requirements. Check with the human resources or information technology department prior to making your laptop purchase to check on any specific requirements or discounts available. Best of luck to you as you embark on your work from home career!


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