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Top 5 Tips for Delegating Tasks to Your Virtual Assistant

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As technology is becoming more and more advanced, there are numerous resources for professionals in all fields of work. If you are busy and would like an assistant, but can’t hire a full time employee, you may consider taking advantage of a new form of assistant called the virtual assistant. These individuals work remotely on their computers to help you stay organized and complete small tasks so that you can focus on the big stuff that requires your expertise and valuable time. Here are the top 5 tips for delegating tasks to your virtual assistant.

  1. Virtual Assistant Top 5 Tips for Delegating Tasks to Your Virtual AssistantFirst, you need to be able to understand what your virtual assistant can do for you. If you are unaware of the capabilities, you will not be able to use the assistant optimally. Virtual assistants are a great option if you are a busy person. You may have lots of things on your schedule that require your expertise, but there are also lots of menial tasks that most professionals need to handle. These simple tasks are not hard, but take up a lot of valuable time that your assistant could do instead.
  2. Just like a real assistant, a virtual assistant also needs to be trained in order to understand your needs. You will need to develop a process by which you can train your virtual assistant properly. Right away be sure to set your scheduling, communication, traveling and other preferences from the get go so that he or she can adjust to your normal routine and needs. Also, lay the groundwork as to how sensitive computer information should be a handled and processed in the future so that the assistant knows how to deal with it when confronted with this data or information later on.
  3. Consider using a collaborative app. There are many apps available on the market that can help you to delegate tasks appropriately and seamlessly. One great app to consider downloading and using is called GrexIt. This app uses Google labels to help you keep track of assignments and projects that are continuous. With these labels it is much easier to assign and delegate tasks to your virtual assistants in one place and share info with relevant people or departments.
  4. Communicate regularly. When working via the internet, things tend to get lost in translation if you are not specific and in constant communication. Be sure to touch base with your virtual assistant at least once per day, whether you talk on the phone or via the computer. Be clear, straightforward, and concise in your requests. Also, make sure that your virtual assistant knows that he or she can ask questions– you never want an assistant to be too nervous to ask, and then make a serious mistake! An open communication policy is more effective and can proactively reduce issues or mistakes.
  5. Finally, document everything. It is essential to leave a virtual paper trail for all work related communications and projects. Make sure everything is saved, items are time marked if time sensitive, and that you can access past projects, emails or files in one easy to get to location online. Ask your virtual assistant to make this a priority throughout your working relationship.

All of these tips will help you to enjoy a positive, rewarding and efficient experience with your virtual assistant. Once you find your assistant through a resource like, you should establish an understanding and a professional rapport. In order to delegate tasks properly be straightforward and have open communication, document everything, train your assistant as you would any other employee in person, and establish and understand what the assistant is willing and able to do for you upfront.

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