Top Tips for the Business Travels the Geek way

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index Top Tips for the Business Travels the Geek wayTechnology has now become our all time companion. We cannot just imagine a day without using technology. Whether you are handling your regular activities or on a business trip, carrying few things like laptop and phone gadget is must for everyone. When you continue to read further, you will come across few tips for the business travel the geek way.

When you are on business trip, you will make sure that you carry your laptop and smart phone but there are few other things that need to be packed along to make these gadgets work for you in proper way. It is very important to make sure that you stay connected with your peers as well as family members when you are on a business trip.

Smart phone with Wi-Fi connectivity  

Most of the organizations today offer Wi-Fi connectivity to their customers in the hotel. You should always do a favor for yourself by having   smart phone enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity. Most of the hotels today offer little for free. With the smart phone enabled Wi- Fi connectivity there is no need for to relay on the WI-fi services and you can even accesses your mails and massages while travelling.

Converter& adaptors   

No lap top or mobile will work for the long time without the help of connectors and adaptors. Make sure you bring required connectors and adaptors for your lap top and mobile phone. If your business trip is international, you have to make sure that you check the power sockets that are used in the country and replace all the adaptors with the right add on. If you are a frequent business traveler and are using Apple computer and iPhone, you can afford to buy Apple world travel adopter kit. When there is an emergency trip, we don’t have luxury to make all the necessary requirements. In such cases, you can take a chance of asking the hotel if they can find anything in the lost and found basket for you.

Earthnet cable & thunderbolt

When you book the hotel for accommodation, we just lookout for availability of internet connectivity in that area but can never make sure if it is wired or Wi-Fi connectivity. Few hotels offer free wired connectivity and paid Wi-FI connectivity so, you should make sure that you carry earthnet cable so that you can easily connect to the free wired internet offered by the hotel. If you are owner of newer Mac book pro or Mac book air, you should thunderbolt adaptor.

Global roaming SIM card 

If you are on international business travel, you should make sure that you have global roaming SIM card in your mobile so that you don’t pay any chargers to your service provider for receiving incoming calls.  You can have very long communication with your community without worrying about the roaming charges.

Extra data storage space

Any business traveler will have to travel along with his virtual work station. If your trip is long, you may have to use all the free space in the machine and beyond. In such cases, you should carry some extra storage devices to store your key business information. Taking the device like hard disk and pen drives will keep you away from burning the disk when you need extra space.

Buy tablet device or a Kindle

For quite few travelling will be quite boring if that their routine job. They cultivate the habit of reading in their journey. You know that it is important to keep your luggage light when you are on a business trip. You can replace your bulky books with the tablet device or kindle to keep your luggage light without compromising your reading habit. If you want to learn more details please visit .

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