Top Tips To Get That Digital Marketing Boost

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Many businesses will agree that the marketing world has changed into something unrecognisable in the past few years. The online world has opened up so many doors that need to be tapped into it takes a fair bit of knowledge and experience to take advantage of all the tricks that are available to us now. Here are a few pointers to help you on your way.

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Know Your Customer:

When someone lands on your website it only takes them a matter of seconds to decide whether it meets with their criteria or not. People assess a page subconsciously without even realising it. So it is extremely important that any business or organisation that wants their online presence to have the impact they desire understands what it is that their visitors are looking for. Typically when we visit a website we ask ourselves 3 questions in that brief burst of time:

  • What information do we want to know?
  • What should we do?
  • How should we do it?

If as a visitor we are unable to answer these questions straight away it is very likely that we will hit that back button and leave the site. When people do that this is reflected badly in Google’s algorithms, which sees it as showing the site to be unusable by the visitor, and therefore you will find your site dropping down the ratings. Make sure that your sites provide your customers with the information that they are seeking. Seek the advice of good Digital Marketing companies such as Ocere who can help you make the most of marketing strategies and get it right.

Build a Decent Mobile Site:

We are getting better at this now, but up until fairly recently many organisations and companies did not understand the benefits of having a well built and functional mobile site. Make sure that mobile sites are clean and simple and that they function correctly. Optimise the site for as many mobile devices as possible, but stick to the main ones that form the majority of those possessed by the public. It is impossible to get a site guaranteed to work on every single device, but sticking with the main ones will ensure that biggest possible coverage. A mobile site should be usable first and foremost. The nifty technical bits that give it the edge can be added once the site is actually working.

Make the Most of Marketing:

Marketing is all about psychology so understanding your consumer is key. Knowing their demographic and exactly who they are will help you to target any marketing campaigns in the right direction. Integrating social media and email marketing is now a must as it generates a lot of leads. Eshots can be performed and linked into Twitter and Facebook with anyone receiving it having the company which issued it added to their personalised advertisements. The important thing here is having someone doing this for you who understands how everything fits together so that campaigns feel synchronised.

There are so many opportunities out there for businesses and organisations to get their brand and name out there that it is a constant surprise how many do not actually take hold of that potential. Don’t waste yours. Give your customer something to remember.

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