Top Value-Added Services People Want from Their Mobile Network Operators

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If you are looking for a mobile phone contract or perhaps a handset upgrade on your existing contract, you will doubtless be aware of the amount of tariff and mobile phone options that are available to you, either as a new or existing customer. 7849864068 74c2ce4cb5 d Top Value Added Services People Want from Their Mobile Network Operators

But, have you ever noticed how some (or even all) network operators just get it wrong when it comes to offering value-added services for their customers? I know that these companies have to make a profit just like with any business, but every now and then an epic fail occurs because they simply aren’t in touch with the requirements and needs of their customers!

Anyway, in case any of your mobile network operators out there are reading this blog post, here are some of the top value added services that customers actually want – and need – from their pre-pay and post-pay contracts and tariffs!

More data for less

A large proportion of smartphone users will use mobile data services when they are not in range of a nearby WiFi network that they can access. Usually, this is when they are out and about somewhere.

For example, if people are commuting to work by public transport each day, they will probably check their emails, use social networking apps for Facebook and Twitter, and do a spot of web surfing.

The trouble is, medium to heavy users often end up paying over-the-odds because their contract doesn’t give them enough provision for mobile data. In fact, we are even charged more for 4G mobile broadband than 3G, even though 4G is technically cheaper for network operators to maintain!

Who cares about unlimited text messages?

Whilst it is true that many people still send SMS messages to each other, the popularity of messaging apps such as Apple’s built-in iMessage functionality for iOS devices and the WhatsApp app for all popular makes of handset means that we can communicate with each other either for free or relatively cheaply.

Many people would like to see these ‘unlimited texts’ reduced to a smaller amount, and instead, extra 3G or 4G data being offered at no extra cost, given that we have a plethora of messaging apps to use. They are especially useful when you need to communicate with family members and friends abroad, as text message allowances do not cover messages sent to international mobile numbers.

More flexibility

What I find really annoying about the tariffs that mobile network operators have is that they are, for the most part, inflexible. When you sign up to a tariff or contract, you have to commit to that particular tariff for a period of time.

There is currently no real provision for people who want to assume total control over their mobile bills by increasing or decreasing their tariffs as and when they need to. This ultimately results in people often paying too much money for their mobile bills.

Many network operators don’t allow you to downgrade your contract until you’ve paid at least half of it off, or you are approaching the end of your contract.

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