Vicious Bites or Attacks by Dogs-Lessen Your Pain Today with an Injury Lawyer

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It is very important to seek the help of a lawyer once you have been bitten or attacked by a dog. However, the first thing should be visiting a doctor fast for anti-rabies medication just in case the dog is not what it seems. Dogs are of different sizes and shapes and thus dog bites can be minute playful nips incapable of breaking the skin or serious and ferocious dog bites capable of tearing right through the skin penetrating into the muscle. This causes critical health reasons and complications, sometimes a lifelong scar that reminds the victim of the vicious dog attack. Disfigurement and scarring is not really what many of us would like to have especially because the only wrong we might have done was to pass by a home or go through a neighborhood.

Handling dog bite injury claims

Injuries related to dog attacks and bites should not be left unattended and a lawyer experienced in injury issues can aid you to find the best settlement possible for your troubles. A lawyer has a lot of things he or she can do to ensure you are able to get the best claim while having time to get the best treatment and care you deserve since no one knows what the dogs could have put inside you. The personal injury lawyer is capable of determining the insurance applicable to the bite while gathering as many witnesses as possible from the people who happened to be on the scene of the dog assault.

It is also important to ensure the wounds photographs are taken while speaking to a physician to give you the best medical care required to ensure the injuries have been dealt with. The lawyers are also able to hire experts capable of testifying about the medical bills and expenses required by the victim in the future. It is worth remembering that dog related bites and attacks have very short limitations in terms of the statute.


In many cases, the owner will deny any liability and a dog attack lawyer experience in the trade can easily help to prove you were bitten by the dog. It is also possible for an insurance company to argue that the bite or attack was not caused by a dog bite that a victim is claiming. The expert injury lawyer will easily prove effectively that the injuries under discussion were the result of a ferocious dog bite. It is also possible for a dog owner to sensationally claim that the victim provoked the dog into biting him. The lawyers have to put the whole evidence into perspective to easily display before the insurance provider that the dog simply attacked without provocation and it was not the intention of the victim to attack the person. At the end of the day, you must receive the best settlement on the dog bite injury claim.

Time limits

Remember a victim is usually limited to about one year from the dog attack or bite. If there is no lawsuit filed within 12 months, it is possible you would have lost some benefits of the law.

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