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There are many self help books and guides to being a copywriter. Unfortunately, most of them are a waste of time. There are two components necessary to high quality copywriting; the first is simply being a good writer. As is the case with most things, the more you write the better you get at it. Spell checks can save you a lot of trouble if you have difficulty with that sort of thing, but you really need to be up to scratch on punctuation and grammar. There is also no substitute for a wide vocabulary, which can only be expanded by frequent and varied reading.

Being able to write “well” is not enough though. A decent copywriter should have a head for marketing. Marketing is a constantly evolving and varied discipline, but what remains important in all fields is knowing your audience/target market and knowing your product. If you can identify why the customer needs the service, then you need only employ language to convince them of this. The type of language you use is entirely dependent on the target demographic. Don’t attempt to bamboozle the reader with long words and don’t clutter the copy with unnecessary adjectives. The fewer words you use to communicate a selling point, the more authentic and trustworthy it appears.

It can be a good idea to brush up on your skills with a course, but it could end up doing more harm than good. What you learn is as important as what you do not learn. Experience in the field is far more valuable than what you learn on a course. Too often students are taught a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing and copywriting. Flexible use of unconventional language is increasingly more popular, especially in the field of digital marketing .

Gary Halbert is a very famous and accomplished copywriter. In the following link, Mr. Halbert explaining how to write a sales letter from scratch:

I highly recommend this and other work by Gary Halbert to any budding copywriters. Halbert really drives home the importance of first hand market experience.

“You know, I’m sick to death of people who can’t be bothered with the little nitty-gritty details of “hands on” experience. Of people who believe that somehow they can know a thing without experiencing it. Listen: It is possible to be “conversant” with something and really not have any kind of “gut understanding” of it at all. I’m sorry, but no matter what your Mommy and Daddy told you, men can never really understand the pain of childbirth, priests cannot comprehend the joys of sex, “normies” can never understand alcoholics, and not one speck of true advertising wisdom has ever been written by a PhD.”

If you want to become a copywriter, you have to be ready for some hard work. There are no quick and easy shortcuts. Being a good writer and understanding marketing both require time and effort. If you think that you can cut corners by doing an evening class and then writing all your company’s sales copy, think again. Financially, it makes more sense to get translation services . You don’t have to hire one permanently unless you need ongoing work done. Just contact an agency for a freelancer, but make sure they are up to scratch first.

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