What It Takes to Become a Finance Professional

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If the recent rebound in the global economy is any indication, there is a huge demand for professionals to fill top positions in various industries. And companies are more likely to give preferential treatment to candidates who hold MBA-level degrees from top colleges.

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Researchers are quick to note that economic growth is directly impacted by those who make crucial business decisions. And if you are aiming for that prime position in the company, you need to have the right skill sets and training if you are to exceed everyone’s expectations. Without proper qualifications, it would likely result to a crash-and-burn scenario. You can easily get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of responsibility that falls squarely on your shoulders.

Whether you’re in marketing or finance or a technology-based industry, an MBA degree comes in handy when tackling business problems. A finance professional would be well advised to finish his or her CFA MBA before heading to Wall Street. Getting this credential is not one for the fainthearted because only about 20 percent of the candidates are able to pass the CFA exams on their first try.

It goes without saying that you need no less than the best education in order to ace these exams. Wilfrid Laurier University is one of the top universities in Canada that offers topnotch CFA MBA degree which gives you a fighting chance at passing the CFA level I and level II exams. In fact, the effectiveness of their program is backed by their high passing rates.

A CFA MBA program at the Laurier University runs for about three and a half years. The program gives you clear insight into the core disciplines in Finance such as investment analysis, risk management and corporate finance. You also get to learn about the ethics involved in being a Chartered Financial Analyst. These concepts plus the required 20 courses will shape you into a competent professional that is ready to make a splash in the finance industry.

Laurier University is fast becoming a premier destination for students around the globe who are bent on getting the finest MBA education there is. The university prides itself on its Integrated Core template, which helps the students immerse on key aspects of the entrepreneurial world such as Operation Management, Accounting, Organization Behavior, Marketing, Financial Management, and Strategic Management. Exposure to these key disciplines would give you legs in whatever endeavor you choose to engage in the future.

Prospective students often find their decision to study in Canada a great one. Canada continues to attract huge businesses with its sound economic policies and a more liberal approach to investments. Because of its thriving economy, its education system also tries to keep pace, resulting to a fun and challenging approach to learning that preps students into becoming a tour de force when they finally enter the real world.

There is nothing like a CFA MBA degree to secure your future. It helps you gain entry into the competitive world of finance and allows you to slowly inch your way to the top.

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