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Which types of criminal activity affect house prices in Chester the most?

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Our last post scratched the surface of the intriguing topic that is criminal activity in our nations towns’ and cities’ living quarters. Though applying in some sense only to Chester (*the points drawn and correlations made are being based on the city’s crime data procured by Cheshire Police), further research into the subject would, I predict, conclude that the nature of popular crime displays similar patterns in most of the UK’s urban and suburban residential areas.

Though many prospective home owners see the crime-rate in an area of interest as a major decision enhancing point in their search for that perfect place, the brutal reality is that in the climate we’ve been experiencing in recent years- most are just happy to take what they’ll financiers will allow them to take.

With this, the best tactic may just be arming oneself with as much relevant knowledge on the subject as possible.

As a city of over 100,000 people in the northwest of England, Chester is hardly free of crime. Regardless of this, hopefully not too shocking fact however- it is a place enjoyed by many and considered home by, well- hundreds of thousands of people.

Anti-social behaviour, burglary and criminal damage were identified as the three most prominent crimes in Chester as part of my last post. From Ince to Farndon, Broughton to Huxley, it would appear these are consistent high rankers- which may in fact say more about human nature than it does about the city of Chester.

Time now then to take a look at some other crimes reportedly frequently (though probably not as frequently as you’d think) within the cities limits.

Drug Offences

A delicate issue in the sense that everyone has their own opinion on it, drugs are the root of many-a legal tangle in Chester, just as they are in any other corner of this bizarre old world. An admittedly broad area, not only in legal terms but in cultural and personal terms too, drug offences are likely to be far more off-putting to some than they are to others.


Theft is a typically tricky issue to pin down. Given that its context can spread to smear any number of fathomable circumstances available to the human brain, I’m really going to struggle to fit something compelling into this section. Previously I covered burglary. The difference between burglary and theft is the act of unlawful entry. Taking this fully into account, should home owners be more partial to a spot of light theft than they are to the invasive act of burglary?

Vehicle Crime

Referring to anything criminal that involves a vehicle (a concise and fresh description, I know), vehicle crime is statistically rife in residential areas of towns and cities all over the world. Whilst the most common and quickest-to-come-to-mind delinquency to fall under this tag is the outright theft of a car or vehicle, we’d do well consider that letting down a cars tyres is also classed as a vehicle crime- before fully committing to our reactions, you understand. Vehicle crime in Chester may not be freakishly common- though it has been known to occur here and there.

Ultimately, by looking into crime rates when shopping around for a domestic property, you’re taking the risk that you may never emerge from the 25-google-chrome-tab slug-out that you’re undertaking, and which in turn may well lead to you forgetting your initial purpose and never even getting round to buying a house in the end.

All satire aside, the dots are indeed there for those among us who deem it necessary to join them up. Visit for more information on this topic.



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