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The idea of working from home is attractive to many.

Oddly, some conventional lenders are more inhibited by the thought of lending to business from home ventures than they would be to those setting up in a big, expensive and sometimes entirely unnecessary office. If you’re having difficulty procuring funding for your home based business venture we recommend you check out the business funding guide over at Everline. They’re a website that caters to start-up businesses and should be able to help.

However, funding might not be the only issue to be considered.  There are a few challenges associated with working from home that you’ll need to have answers to in advance:

  • children.  Paradoxically, even younger children may understand rather more easily that you are away from home working than a situation where you are at home but refusing to talk to them as you concentrate on your work;
  • interruptions.  Linked to the above, working from home can be a major challenge in terms of finding quality focused time.  It isn’t just children, it includes pets, spouses, tradespeople, sales calls, postal deliveries, odd noises to be investigated in the loft and so on;
  • family support.  Although people have been trying to develop philosophies to the contrary for decades, in reality, many people still do not subconsciously regard working from home as being real work.  What that means is that if you are not joining in to help with household chores that have arisen at a given time, you’ll be seen as being lazy and finding excuses not to help;
  • business image.  Some of your customers may be equally guilty of regarding home offices as not quite being a professional environment.  You may have to deal with phone issues arising from things such as them being able to hear dogs barking in the background or the sounds of your kids laughing and joking as they play in the garden outside of your window;
  • your own mindset.  When working from home, it is sometimes very difficult to resist the temptation to slip into a weekend mentality.  Constantly putting work off so you can just sort out the weed patch in the garden or that drip from the tap in one of the bathrooms is a very real risk.

As a general rule, overcoming the technical and funding challenges associated with having a home work base is much easier than finding solutions to some of the problems above.

Put some thought into these things in advance and don’t be caught unawares!

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