How You Can Create a Great Design for Your Personalised T-Shirts

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T-shirts have already cemented their place in our consciousness as a comfortable form of apparel which can be worn at different times and on various occasions. We all have t-shirts in our wardrobes, be they more formal, crisp new t-shirts or t-shirts which are the worse for wear but have their own sentimental value. But if you are thinking of personalised t-shirts for your business, club, team, or organisation, the design is of vital importance as it can send a clear message to your customers, fans, friends, and family. Your personalised t-shirt will make an impact if it is designed well, and if you want to create a great design which will get noticed and which will make people suitably impressed, here’s how you can do it right.


Know your market


Before you even begin creating a design for your t-shirt, you should know your market. For whom are you designing your t-shirt? Is it for new or potential customers? Is it for your team’s fans? Is it for a special event or occasion? You have to determine the actual purpose of your t-shirt first, so you know which design will be suitable for it. Will it be for an older demographic or for kids? Once you determine your market and the purpose of your t-shirt, it will be easier to create a brilliant design.




Pick a trend


If you are into designing a unique and quirky t-shirt, here’s one tip for you: pick a trend. If you want your t-shirt to get noticed, you can choose a trend or hot topic in the news and create a design which can grab attention. Your t-shirt can feature a celebrity, for instance, or it can highlight or emphasise a movement or event. You can learn more about what’s going on around you by visiting social media platforms, by watching the telly, or by talking to different people. More often than not, you’ll find inspiration from any one of these sources, and you’re on your way.


Keep it simple


Once you have determined your design concept, it’s time to come up with the actual design. But this is the tricky bit as we often tend to complicate things as simple as t-shirt design simply because we have too many ideas. Focus on your ideas and try to keep it simple, as specialists in t-shirt printing in Birmingham such as Garment Printing attest. Whilst it’s important to be original, you shouldn’t make your design too complicated. A design that’s too complicated may be harder to replicate, for one, but it may also make it harder for people to understand your message. But if you are just using your logo for your t-shirt, it may also be an excellent time to assess your logo and see if it really works for your brand and message.


Determine the colour, texture, and line


The colour, texture, and line of your personalised t-shirt will greatly depend on your budget and the printer’s expertise, but you can expand on these aspects and explore different possibilities. For instance, clean lines are best for t-shirts, and a classic t-shirt with a round neck is always a good choice. Also, t-shirts tend to shine more with one solid colour. Here’s another tip from the experts: PMS colours are a great option if you want your t-shirt design to be more accurate and easily distinguished from the colour of the fabric. Good luck!


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